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Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring in modern interiors is mainly used in commercial projects due to its advantages over ceramic tiles and laminate flooring that are: lots of colors, durable, easy to clean surface and less noise while walking.

Wicker vinyl is a transition product between vinyl and carpet flooring. It is used where we need volume, relief and air, at the same time with an increased degree of protection against bacteria and dirt, resistance to moisture and odors.

However, the issue of installation is noteworthy, which requires high professionalism by the performer: due to its thickness, the vinyl sheets repeat all the defects of the existing sub-flooring, thus evaluating needs for the self-levering ground.

Advantages: Colors – a wide range of wood and stone textures; Relief surface;

Format – roll and also tiles of different sizes;

service class – 33 – 34 and 43-44 heavy contract classes;
Thickness – 2.5-4.5 mm

Material – PVC;

Flammable Class – Bfl – s1;
Antislip class – R 9 -11;